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"There are amazing ways to do slight changes with your diet and not having to give up on anything you love. Just a new way.....and healing while feeling better than ever holistically. A Miracle? I just call it "God's Pharmacy" and it has saved my life. No longer terminal and a future of HOPE." ~~~ Juliette Miles

Juliette is a 4 year breast cancer survivor and recently in the past year 2016 received a terminal Stage 4 recurring tumor and metathesis to bone re-diagnose. She was given no HOPE, two years to live and subject to only medical protocols, that her body at the time, would never recover from, as her liver was also severely compromised and needed time to heal. An extraordinary difficult situation to be in. There was no alternative, but to seek alternative holistic protocols.


Juliette Miles is a beloved Huntington Beach resident and is even an honor graduate from HB High School. She's a local gal and also an Alumni with Ocean View High School here in Huntington Beach, CA. She has had a long 23 year career in Orange County in the Real Estate Escrow Industry serving the community as a Sr. Escrow Officer/Notary Public/Director of Operations and Marketing. An extraordinary career where she wrote and presented "Escrow 101 with Juliette Miles" for new agents to navigate and master their own careers in Real Estate. She has since followed her passion in life, business and beauty coaching and now more specifically wellness holistic protocol coaching. Her passion is inspirational speaking and was a chosen speaker to give her "Shine On" message on the worlds stage at the Messenger Summit 2012. A dream in 2010 to share her writings and understanding with all souls she became a World Author, #1 best selling co-author of "1000 Tips for Teenagers" and an award winning world E-book gift recipient of her hard copy inspirational gift book, "Becoming Beautifully Scarred to Shine On". She is a writer, speaker and life coach and a Stage 4 MBC SURVIVOR! Love is her gift and understanding's to share. She continues this work she loves and passionately shares in all her capacity to do so. Offering wellness and holistic coaching for preventative and newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families. A LIFE coach mind, body and spirit. An honored member of "The Wellness Universe".  A wellness coach, at your most vulnerable and raw moments in life, makes all the difference. A six package coaching sessions "Start Fight" is OFFERED AT A SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNTED rate. Please consider referrals to inquire and a free coaching consultation is offered to see if the client is ready to be coached. You want to go "FIERCE" on preventative, medically, holistically, biologically and spiritually for complete wellness. You deserve health professionals that care about all ways to wellness. Stay "Shine On Strong" Together with Love Always,  Juliette Miles.