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Wellness Coaching with Juliette Miles, Holistic Protocols Survivor MBC/Stage 4 with all holistic wellness.

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Juliette Miles, Inspirational Speaker/Author/Holistic Wellness Coach

Go on an extraordinary journey and live your best life. Please join Juliette @ www.facebook.com/juliettemiles14



Inspirational Speaker/Author. Holistic Wellness Protocols Coach. MBC Stage 4 Survivor all holistic protocols to full remission. Start Fierce Today!

I was given no hope and two years to live last April 2016. In eight months I'm fighting fierce and in full remission as my bone metathesis has reversed and healing. 2017 I Shine On and continue all holistic protocols and maintenance program to fight fierce and recurring MBC.  All protocols for life, mind, body and spirit. I know I can't ever let up and I can never forget how fierce cancer can return. All protocols maintained absolutely but once in a while I have my favorite foods and certain alcohols, chocolates and even organic coffee.

Trust in God's Pharmacy. You are your best health advocate. It's been my experience that Medical Doctors do not speak to you about wellness.....period! They only treat your illness with pharmaceuticals and surgery. They do not talk to you about foods, sugar, alternative pain management, etc.. I encourage you to seek out alternative wellness care professionals, coaches and mentors for your best life and living!


When you lead with your heart you just ROLL with the tide. Nothing is for sure, but LOVE is eternal and everlasting. Shine On my Angel, out to sea, in the sunrise, in the Shine of the stars, I see you, I feel you, your LOVE is your great legacy not your afflictions. Shine On my Warrior!!!

My greatest wish is to help holistically those so raw, vulnerable and at the mercy of the medical community. I believe medically, spiritually, biologically, holistically, Super Angels, Mermaids and Waffles, all together worked magic in my life and so many other secret inner protocols cured my cancer for sure! That's just me! Believe, you Angel, deserve all medically, spiritually, biologically and holistically! God's Pharmacy and all to be considered is your CURE! All things are possible with LOVE.
Love Always, Juliette..